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Groundwater resource management is an important part of any industrialised operation. The upstream, midstream and downstream activities have the potential to further cause contamination of the already scarce resources. The water table levels in geographic locations, where these activities are carried out is always at risk. The environmental impact for future generations must be controlled.

  • B2 Flex have local manufacturing in Saudi Arabia where our product lines can assist with spill control and collection of contaminates.
  • We have designed secondary containment solutions to fit the demanding challenges in your operations.
  • B2 Flex can custom design any flexible, foldable, reusable secondary containment to fit your operations.
  • Our products are all lightweight and compact in design allowing quick mobilization in difficult conditions.
  • We can replace your disposable solutions with a reusable environmentally friendly solution.

Environmental Control

Pit Liners are most commonly known for containing some type of waste or by-product. They have also been used to contain water for energy industries such as oil, gas, and fracing (fracking). Some of the terms often used as well as pit liners is oil remediation pads, lagoon liners, oilfield pits, waste treatment ponds, drilling pad liners, & temporary storage pits.

Understanding which pit liner is the best option normally has to do with understanding the properties of the liquid it will be containing

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