• B2-Flex specializes in solutions for many environmental challenges: oil spills, containment solutions, industrial maintenance and filtration.
  • B2-Flex provides  full range of 100% eco-friendly products for spill control.
  • At the heart of all products is our unique patented filler – a revolutionary material made of natural fibers with nano reinforcement, which helps clean spills faster and in a more efficient way.
  • B2-Flex  is a Saudi Arabian based company, with our corporate office located in Khobar.
  • The absorbents are certified by CEDRE (Center of Documentation, Research and Experimentation on Accidental Water Pollution)
    Production ISO 9001/ISO 8001 certified.

Environmental Control

Pit Liners are most commonly known for containing some type of waste or by-product. They have also been used to contain water for energy industries such as oil, gas, and fracing (fracking). Some of the terms often used as well as pit liners is oil remediation pads, lagoon liners, oilfield pits, waste treatment ponds, drilling pad liners, & temporary storage pits.

Understanding which pit liner is the best option normally has to do with understanding the properties of the liquid it will be containing