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B2-Flex is the leading designer and manufacturer in the Middle East. We specialize in PVC fabric, high frequency welding technology and design. B2 – Flex manufacture, design and fit solutions for all industries. With over 25 years of experience, our products are the result of tried and tested manufacturing processes, using the highest quality materials. Our products can be seen in use in environmental control, chemical storage, industrial material handling, energy and retail companies around the region in everything from (Secondary containment, Spool Covers, Drill Floor Handling Bags, Industrial kit bags, Custom covers, Bladder tanks, Onion tanks, Oil Booms, Skimmer systems, Oil Storage Tanks, FIBCs, Pit liner, Tarpaulin).

Our Products

Flexible, Fordable, Reusable, DropSide,, Secondary Containment.

Secondary Containment

Secondary containment is a Customizable design to fit any leak hazard and size, Flexible, Foldable, Drop side containment, Read More

PVC Rolls

PVC Rolls

Our high quality PVC materials come in a variety of colors and thicknesses. Some classified as soft and others as semi-rigid, but all are flexible. Our fabrics are UV and heat resistance from -20 to 85 degrees. We supply PVC fabric from  1m to 3m width and from 50m to 200m lengths. Read More

Strip Bag

Industrial Bags

Strap bags are manufactured from PVC- coated polyester material, which is especially suitable for the use of the high valued goods. They can be stored without the need, Read More

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Industrial Heavy Duty Kits Bag 60 / 80 LTR

Heavy-duty PVC fabric, Waterproof body (welded seams), Adjustable shoulder strap and side strap, top handles, Fastening under double-Velcro flap, Has handles and removable shoulder strap. Available in assorted colors. Read More



A double scrim, heavyweight geomembrane fabric incorporating a special weave pattern to enhance thickness, flatness, and tear properties. The coating recipe is designed to improve toughness and abrasion resistance. Read More

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DrumPack is UN approved for packing groups. One Pallet DP-55 replaces 50 pallets of steel Drums. Read More

Tipo R R2 768×545

Flexible Tanks

Flexible tanks type R with a pillow like shape, are made with polyester fabric coated on both faces with plastomers suitable for the required use. Their use is particularly indicated when the installation of rigid tanks is not convenient.
These tanks are suitable to contain various liquids, Read More

Targets And Decoys Inflatable Tank

Decoy Tanks

Our inflatables are suitable for the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, National Guard or any branch of the Armed Forces. We are able to design and manufacture tanks, transport vehicles, and other military equipment that matches any required specifications and measurements. We are capable of producing full-scale replicas of any type of military machinery. Our military inflatables are a trusted staple in the KSA of military drills, practices, and simulations.

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Floating Storage Tanks


Lay Flat Pipe

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Under Water Air Lift Bag